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czwartek, 31 stycznia 2013

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Shooting glass

One of my best photographic experiences was a one day workshop with Łukasz Kuś dedicated to product photography. Up to that moment I always considered every white space with overexposure a mistake. And then I learned that it can be a useful tool – it makes the viewer focus their attention on the subject.

Another great thing Łukasz showed us was a simple technique to photograph glass so that there are no reflection in the object. Here's what we did:
– place a one color background behind the object,
– place a bouncing boards or any other one color objects on both sides of the thing photographed (the color of the objects will be reflected in the glass),
– place your camera in from of the photographed object,
– you can use on or two light sources, but they have to be placed so that the light bounces back against the background (we used on lamp placed on the left, it was separated from the object by one of the black bouncing boards).

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  1. Oh gosh, I love your post :) Your blog is totally amazing too <3333
    Love, Anna


  2. kieliszki wyszly fantastycznie <3


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