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czwartek, 4 lipca 2013

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Evening at home

I tend to complain that I can't take the pictures I like because I'm lacking not only skills but first and foremost the equipment. Yet, sometimes I manage to fight this feeling and use what I've got. These pictures were taken at home with one room dark (and model sitting there) and another room, this time well-igt plus a regular desk lamp from the side/back of the model. It's really grainy but the ISO had to be 800.

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  1. Podoba mi się światło na pierwszym zdjęciu. Bardzo klimatyczne. A ziarnem nie należy się przejmować. Przy B&W to dodaje uroku :)

  2. What camera are you using?

    1. Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

    2. You should look into getting a 35mm or 50mm f/1.8. They're relatively inexpensive but will make a huge difference in your portraits. The noise, sadly, is an issue with the camera, but at least with a 35 or 50 you'll be able to take photos without cranking the ISO so high. Give it a try.

    3. Thanks a lot, I've been looking for a nice 50 and I'll definitely give this one a try.


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