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środa, 14 sierpnia 2013

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Botanical Garden, Cracow

I was very surprised when my boyfriend's sister asked me to help her with a present she was planning to give her boyfriend on their anniversary. She wanted a photo shoot of two of them in a nice scenery, preferably the Botanical Garden. I am an amateur and have never been asker for such a favor, but I agreed immediately, seeing it as a great opportunity to develop my skills.

I wanted the models to be as natural as possible, telling jokes and laughing with them. I think I managed to capture both romantic moments and funny ones, giving a good impression of the chemistry between the models.

We started shooting a bit too early: around 4 p.m. the sun was still quite bright, giving heavy shadows, but it changed during the shoot and eventually everything was fine.

See more pictures here.

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  1. These are very sweet. I like how happy they looks as if they're about to jump into the pond!


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