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czwartek, 12 września 2013


About comfort

As it is proven by the fact that I have learned to ride a bike in a pencil skirt, I am not a person to easily make compromises. However, there is one exception – shoes.

Let's start with a general statement: it is really hard for a female human being to find a pair of shoes that would be both pretty and comfortable. I discovered it in high school when after many disastrous shopping decisions I decided to limit my shoe choice to just two options: docs and converse. I would wear it with literally everything: bell bottomed pants and lace skirt. No, I wasn't super fashion forward, I couldn't predict that in ten years every fashionista would pair sport shoes with very feminine dress. It was more due to the fact that to get to school I often had to walk many kilometers.

It changed when I moved to the city and started my studies. For the money that I earned during summer I've bought a coat that I still have and love as well as a pair of sensible heels that I broke on a pebbled street on my way back from my very first exam.

With more dresses in my wardrobe, more heels came, but I was wiser, preferring a more stable heel to a stiletto. However, still when I expect a hectic day at work, a long journey, or a busy afternoon, I opt for flats. After all, when I'm the only person in flats on a business meeting – that makes me quite unique, right?

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