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poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2014

It took me ages to find this picture I remembered so well. Finally, there it was.

My first musical fascination happened around the time when I was in high school (it's said this is exactly the time when such things happen, so nothing exceptional) and was probably my one and only such fascination. At the said time I was practically obsessed with John Frusciante's solo projects. I knew all the lyrics from my favorite albums (To Record Only Water for Ten Days, The Will to Death and some other), I've red and listened to the interviews and – first and foremost – listened to the music. Oh, I even made a drawing that I hung in my room, and the internet still remembers that.

I'm not a teenager any more (thank God!) and my obsession has faded, but my heart still flutters when I hear The Past Recedes, and obviously Frusciante still makes great music. But what's more important here, I recently discovered that there is an image stuck in my head. Yes, the one that you see above.

I think it's form the time of Californication, but it doesn't really matter here. I always loved this photo (even when I was a teenager obsessed with long haired boys). There is a strange seriousness in the glasses, the expression and yes – there is something about the shaven head. Something monk-like, something that suggests a wise person. It might be that this picture came to my mind only now, when I'm on the lookout for a simpler and more sincere life. I also just realized that when I cut my hair I kind of wanted to evoke that feelins. So next time maybe I'll go for a full 3 mm shave? A colleague of mine says that everyone has to go through the shaven-head phase. Is that really so?

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