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niedziela, 5 października 2014

I'f you're lucky enough to have a cat and if you watch her closely, you have probably noticed her getting prepared for a long leap. Body close to the ground, eyes fixed on the aim. She stays still, not even one muscle moves, except for the back legs. Those are working hard. A cat is putting her weight forst one one of them, then on the other, repeating this a few times before she finally jumps.

This is how I'm feeling right now. I have been deprived of a proper summer ending by a sudden construction work in the tenment house where I live. One day scaffolding just emerged behind my window, cutting off next to all the sunlight. The plants had to be moved form the balcony and temporarily placed in the apartment. Some haven't survived. Strawberries stopped producing fruit. There was no place to seed autumn crops such as lettuce and kale. And now it's too late to do almost any gardening. Thank God for bulbs, they give me hope and something to do.

Having been deprived of my balcony I already started planning for the next year. We're gonna have three varieties of of cherry tomatoes, runner beans (mascotte variety), some rocket and pak choy, I'm gonna get some sweet peas and wild flowers form my mum… I have everything planned. I even made charts and tables. I'm waiting. Ready to reclaim my balcony.

A copule of survivors placed by the only window providing natural light. Sadly, only in the mornings.

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