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niedziela, 18 stycznia 2015

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December books and thoughts

December was exceptionally warm this year (except for the last week, obviously, because then we got to enjoy some Christmas snow). I'm not going to rumble about climate changes, though after completing Navigating Climate Change Conversations courseI feel totally prepared for that. Instead, I'm going to lament over some of my bulbs that wend crazy and started shooting just a few days before the temperatures plummeted down. I hope they will survive, though I don't expect them to flower this year. However, the mint will survive for sure. This pest always does.

Since we're still in the period of no-gardening-now, I'm pampering myself with books. I've bought The Curious Gardener in The Book Hive in Norwich, UK. You might or might not know this is one of the most famous (and rightfully so!) bookshops in Europe. Norwich itself is a most charming city with its cathedral, falcons, Tudor houses, Wild Thyme and herb garden. Sadly, I have no pictures to prove that.

And this, my friends, ins one of the perks of travelling. It always leaves you with a sense of longing. If you've read Harry Potter series you are familiar with the idea of horcrux. I came to believe that whenever you travel to a new place, you create a kind of horcrux – you leave a part of your soul there and this is where the longing comes form.

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